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Journal Publications

2020  Zaghoo, M., Collins, G.W. & R. Jeanloz "Laser-Induced Dynamic Compression of Planetary Materials"Annual                         Review of Earth & Planetary science, Invited Review, 2020

2020   Hinz J., Karasiev V. V., Hu S. X. , Zaghoo M. , D. Mejia-Rodriguez & S. Trickey "Fully Consistent Density Functional 

            Theory Determination of the Insulator-Metal Transition Boundary in Warm Dense Hydrogen", Submitted 

2020    Zaghoo, M. "New thermodynamic constraints on internal, thermal and magnetic states of Super-Earths",


2019    Karasiev V.V, Hu S., Zaghoo M., & T.R. Boehly "Exchange-correlation thermal effects in shocked deuterium: Softening

            the principal Hugoniot and thermophysical properties"  Phys. Rev. B 99, 214110

2019   Zaghoo, M. et al. Breakdown of Fermi-degeneracy in the simplest liquid metal, Phys. Rev. Lett.  122, 085001 

           Featured in: Rochester News,, ScienceNews,, ScienceDaily

2018   Zaghoo, M. et al. Striking Isotope effect in the Metallization phase line of Liquid Hydrogen and Deuterium,

           Phys. Rev. B 98, 104102 

           Featured in: NYtimes, Harvard Physics

2018   Zaghoo, M. & Collins G., Size & Strength of self-excited Dynamos in extrasolar Jupiter-like planetsApJ. 86, 19

           Featured in: Rochester News, All about space, ScienceDaily,

2018   Zaghoo, M. Dynamical conductivity and partial ionization in dense fluid hydrogenPhys. Rev. E 97, 043205

2017   Zaghoo, M. & Silvera, I. Conductivity and dissociation in Metallic hydrogen: Implications for planetary interiors             PNAS, 10, 73

           Featured in PhysicsToday

2017   Silvera, I.F., Dias, R., Noked, O. & Zaghoo, M. Metallic Hydrogen J. Low Temp Phys. 187 (1)

2016   Zaghoo, M. et al., Evidence of a first order transition to metallic hydrogenPhys. Rev. B, 93, 155128 

           Featured in Harvard Physics, Harvard Gazette, DailyGalaxy, Chemistry World, Scientific American,

  , Spacedialy, ScienceNews, Scienceblog, Northdallasgazette

2013   Dyzyabura, V., Zaghoo, M. & Silvera I. "Evidence of a liquid-liquid transition in hot dense hydrogen

           PNAS, 110, 20

In preparation

Zaghoo, M. "Equation of State and thermodynamics of solid & liquid Iron in Super-Earths’ cores" In prep.

Zaghoo, M et al. "Experimental estimate for viscosities of silicate melts at Earth's lower mantle conditions" In prep.

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